• An International social apartment in Tokyo,

    where people from all over the world can come together.




  • Concept

    Beliving is a friendly international community, the first spot that you wanna visit in Tokyo!

    Living in Japan can be difficult due to cultural and language barriers - that's why we wanted to create a warm, welcoming living space where everyone can feel at home.


    Click here to see our community.

    Meet local residents

    click here to see our community

    Join a house of friendly, internationally-minded people! All Japanese residents have studied abroad and speak fluent English

    Brush up on your Japanese

    We communicate in English, but you can of course choose to communicate all the time in Japanese too. It's all up to you and how you make good use of our community :-)

    Space for diversity

    Sometimes cook together and sometimes enjoy having a casual home party. We are open to different cultures. Bring yours and let's enjoy the diversity!

  • Qualifications

    to become a member

    What we expect

    ※We have online interviews

    1. To be able to communicate in English (Native or Fluent)
    2. To agree with our concept
    3. To be independent, open minded and curious about other cultures & languages. Willing to become a member of the community, with a sense of cooperation and responsibility
  • Price

    (calculated as 1USD = ¥100)

    Monthly rent

    Single: ¥74,000 ($740)

    Double: ¥60,000×2 ($600×2)

    ※50,00〜10,000 yen off

    till 30 June

    Monthly utilities


    ( furniture, electricity, water, gas, and wifi )

    ※17,000 yen - 2,000 yen off till 30 June!

    Initial Costs

    - Prorated monthly rent and utility cost

    - monthly rent and utility cost for the following month

    - Commission fee

    - Refundable Deposit
    - Cleaning fee

  • Available Rooms

    <As of May 1st, 2018>

    ※ 4 available beds out of 5 beds


    Single room


    You will have your own room, sharing the toilet & shower at 3F.
    You have bed with storage space, light controller and AC.

    Single room


    You have bed with storage space, light controller and AC.

    Single room


    You have bed with storage space, light controller and AC.

    Double room


    A double room which has its own bathroom, Kitchen, and shower for those who want a bit more privacy, but with the benefits of being in a great community.

  • Building & Facilities

    Modern Building with Modern Facilities.


    Welcome to Tokyo

    This is the beginning of your Tokyo life! :-)

    1F : Dining and Kitchen

    (Kitchen, Dining Table, Couch)

    You can enjoy cooking and hanging out with your share mates. We also have monthly dinner meetings to decide the house rules and fun events.

    2F : Common Living and Social Space

    (One Bathroom)

    A Living Space in Which everyone can enjoy some time together and maybe watch a movie on your projector.

    3F : Two Rooms

    (One Bathroom and Shower Unit)

    We have shower room, kitchen and washing machine.

    4F : Double Room

    (One Bathroom and Shower & Bath Unit)

    We have bath room, kitchen and washing machine.

  • Access

    <Tokyo, Chiyoda>
    -1 min from 3 metro stations: Awajicho, Ogawamachi, and Shin-Ochanomizu
    -6-7 min from 3 JR stations: Ochanomizu, Akihabara and Kanda

  • L i f e i n T o k y o

    ※It might take few seconds for the video to load.

  • Contact

    Any question is welcome!

  • Our dialy life

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  • History

    Transition of our share house

    Oct 2012

    Lang Boat Kanda produced by Colish 

    Lang Boat Kanda started as the Ienaka-Ryugaku series, based on its concept of Language exchange between 9 Japanese & 9 English speakers.
    56 residents have lived here.

    Oct 2015

    Tokyo Hearth

    Tokyo Hearth started as the 2nd Ienaka Ryugaku series, based on its concept of a friendly international community, where 9 Japanese residents and 9 international members live together.

    May 2018

    Tokyo Hearth

    BeLiving Tokyo now has a new social building which accommodates internationals from all over the world. BeLiving accommodates 5 people in total.

  • About Us

    Administration Company


    Tokyo Hearth, Inc.

    Incorporated on Oct 1st.

    Tokyo Hearth is the parent and managing company of BeLiving, and it is aiming to support foreigners who are living in or moving to Japan by finding them nice apartments, share houses, job, cool events, VISA information and any practical local information in Tokyo.

    Tomonari Kino

    CEO of Tokyo Hearth, Inc.


    Lived in United States and France. Went to Sophia University and worked in Trading & Investment Company, Mitsubishi Corporation for 5 years.

    Founded Tokyo Hearth, Inc in 2015.

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