Profile: 25 years old, Working Holiday Visa.

(Back from Canada, originally from France. Has been a TH member since Nov 2015)

 Q.1 Why did you decide to move in Tokyo Hearth?

A1: I was looking for a place with roommates because I came here alone, I found TH which seemed to be the perfect place for a non Japanese speaker like me. I could meet foreigner and Japanese people at the same time and start my integration in Japan! Also the location is amazing and it did influence my choice too.

Q.2 How is the life in Tokyo Hearth?

A2: This is very cool! We are all good friends, going out together, organizing parties and dinner, and respecting privacy of each other at the same time! Moreover, we have very good organization for cleaning for example, so we can enjoy living in a place clean and tidy :)

Q.3 Please leave the message toward the applicants! 

If you like living in community and enjoy the cultural diversity, this place is perfect for you :)

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