Profile: 31 years old, CEO of Tokyo Hearth, Inc.

(Lived in U.S.A and France. Founded Tokyo Hearth)

Q.1 Why did you create Tokyo Hearth?

A1: I have many international friends who would love to come and stay in Japan, but Japan has many cultural and language barriers. Most Japanese people communicate only in Japanese, that's why we wanted to create a warm, internationally welcoming "hearth" where everyone can feel at home in Japan.

Q.2 How is life in Tokyo Hearth?

A2: I love welcoming new members and seeing them learning and growing up in Japan. I organize monthly parties and I love introducing my friends to our residents who all have different backgrounds.

Q.3 Please leave a message towards the applicants!

A3: It's getting more and more competitive to move into Tokyo Hearth since there are many applicants, but I am still waiting for international members who are open to different cultures and who are very passionate about developing our community together!

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